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Week 78 09/09/2015 - A Brief One

Photo Blog Week 78 - Wed 09 September 2015

A brief one this week, especially as it is already a week late and Week 79 is a big one. 

Some of this day was occupied tracking down reported wall problems for the walling team to GPS and photo. Also, I walked out of my house without my good camera so these are on my 'emergency' camera which has a water damaged sensor but lives permanently in my pack.

TV at Lyme

Pride and Prejudice

I have recently been trawling through identifying filming locations from the BBC Pride and Prejudice production.  This tunnel is just passed the Admissions Hut at the entrance to the Park off the A6.

TV screen shot with coach crossing as Elizabeth Bennet and her uncle and aunt, the Gardiners, arrive at the Pemberley Estate for a look around unaware that Darcy is going to return whilst they are there.

..and the tunnel today

Antiques Roadshow

The BBC were setting up for the next day's filming of Antiques Roadshow, a big deal for Lyme Park as so many people will be introduced to it.
The day of filming had great weather so the Park should look fantastic on TV. By all accounts, it was a great day for everyone.

Drinkwater Meadow, The Knott and a murky Manchester beyond

Knightslow Wood with the Beech leaves glowing green where the light gets through

Nature's Artwork: shades and textures

Heading West onto the Moor from haed of Knightslow Wood

Fungi Fest'

Ridge out to Sponds Hill

Moorside Hotel (not a hotel now) and Kinder behind

Cage Hill

These cages were set up earlier in the year to help measure the ability of the pasture to sustain livestock.  The grass is caged so not grazed on. Later it will be cut and measure for quantity and quality as a foodstuff.

Today's track


Total: 5.2 miles (8.37 km) 


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