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Week 22 07/05/14 - Bluebells to Velvet

Photo Blog Week 22 - Wed 7 May 2014

I have left out many bluebell shots but hadn't the heart to reduce them further. Banks of blue haze along West Park drive and if the wind is right a waft of delicious perfume.

Spring is ramping up in the Park with at least 50 Shades of Green evident and with wild flower highlights amongst the grass. The animals are also moving on with the Red Deer Stags growing their new antlers for the year.
A shorter route today and I exit the Park for a short while to inspect the outside of some wall damage spotted in last week's inspection walk. A few 'View From Outside" shots are included.

Today, the car is parked at The Knott instead of the Main Car Park.

route:  The Knott; West Park drive to West Parkgate

 Bluebells by the Wall

 Banks of Bluebells next to the drive rising toward Pursefield Wood above

 Native Bluebells close up (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

These are the true traditional British Bluebell. Gardens tend to have the Spanish Bluebell (Hyacinthoides hispanica). Read more at Facts About Bluebells

Wood Forgetmenots ( Myosotis sylvatica) among the Brambles

Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) aka "Stinking Bob"

 Mixed bank, green and blue with rock for interest

Cuckooflower (Cardamine pratensis)

 Wild Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana)

 The drive flanked by drifts of bluebells

 Greater Stitchwort  (Stellaria holostea)

Flowers crowning Wild Garlic or "Ransoms" (Allium ursinum

Wild Garlic spread across the bank

route:  Exit Lyme Park via West Park gate and follow roads and paths parallel to boundary

 View From Outside:

Looking down into Poynton Brook from the bridge outside West Park gate.

Looking across the Woods of Deer Clough to Paddock Cottage

Panoramic view of the Park and Moor from Farmland outside

Lambs in the fields adjacent to the Park

route:  Re-enter Lyme Park South of Park Moor Cottage; follow Moor boundary wall to Stag House ruin.

Ladder stile entrance to Park Moor

Signage on entry to the Park with the Moor

The Welsh hills are just about there as a shadow

Beetham Tower (Hilton Hotel) in Manchester centre with St George's Church tower in Heavily in foreground 

Manchester City Centre - distance right contrasting with near farmland

 Tormentil (Potentilla erecta)
This tiny plant in amongst the grasses on the Moor has taken me ages to identify!

 A successful wildlife shot, I may be getting better?

Excellent spot for a butty.
I just about finished my lunch as the first rain of the day arrived - good decision to eat early.

route: Strike away from the boundary wall directly across the Moor toward Knightslow Wood; on reaching cinder track turn right uphill to gate into the wood.

 Moor Herd Red Deer tags with new antlers evident

 Some of the Moor Heard

 I haven't managed to ID this yet so if you know, leave a comment.

 We think of Autumn as multi-coloured trees but this is Spring

Now here is an oddity. You will often see small holes called "Lunkies" built in the bottom of a wall allowing animals through but why would this hole be carefully built in the wall at this height. I posed the question to one of the Walling Team but he drew a blank.
If you know about this, please leave a comment.

route:  Enter Knightslow Wood; follow narrow path through cleared land to top of Lime Avenue; enter Fallow Deer Enclosure and continue to fence around Garden

 Beech trees showing the stunning fresh spring green

 Norway Spruce getting a look in with new growth

 Beech Buds

 The early bud stage. My son used to think they looked like little space rockets.

 Grey soft fibres as the but begins to break open

 Soft fluffy folder leaves appearing

 Leaves unfolding and shaping like butterfly wings

 ... and finally, fresh spring Beech leaves

Fallow Deer

route:  turn right; follow tracks to Hampers Bridge then around the Garden boundary; from rear of Stables drop to North entrance of Hall

 The rear of the Hall and Reflection Lake
Mercifully, the Darcy statue is now on its way to Australia  :)

 Island full of Azalea

 Edge of the Hall just visible through the garden

 Nice elevation of Lyme Hall


 Fallow Deer buck plus antlers



 Who said trees were 'Green'?

 Filming of 'The Village' by the BBC continues at Lyme Park. Hence the vintage cars.

North Face (and entrance)

route:  Down to Main Car Park; pass behind Turtle Brew and follow Four Winds wall; leave wall after Walling Team and cross meadow back to car at The Knott Car Park - end


From the car window on the way down the Main Drive to the A6

Mature Stags grazing by the Main Drive 

 Nice clear shot of the new immature antlers covered in velvet

Had to include this one with The Cage in background

4hr 15min  5.92 miles

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