Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Week 11 29/01/14 - Rain, Fungi and Snowdrops

Photo Blog Week 11 - Wed 29 Jan 2014

 route: Right of Timberyard Café into Crow Wood and around to border wall

Ground in Crow Wood and much of the Park is saturated and currently shows no sign of recovery.

Hardly a native, this Monkey Puzzle tree towers in Crow Wood among traditional British trees.

'Conkers' coming to life hoping to create the next generation of Horse Chestnut trees.

This Wood Sorrell in a few weeks will be beautiful bright green trefoil leaves with a sweet apple flavour.

Looking down onto the Play Scape from boundary wall.

This fungus is thin and crisp in appearance like a scallop

and this one loops almost like a closed sea anenome

and another like orange oyster mushrooms

 route: Four Winds wall, across The Knott to Car Park then wall paths back to Main car park

It's a murky wet day, not conducive to scenes

I have never seen this before. If you think you know the Park, do you know where this is? 

Resident Heron is back across the Mill Pond from the Timberyard

route: Hall North gate, The Stables, outside woods to Park Moor

These optomistic buds on a Hydrangea hanging over from the gardens will not survive if we get a frost
Snowdrops are in flower outside the Stables

route: onto Park Moor and West along wall outside Hampers Wood then inside edge of Knitghtslow Wood

I always love the feeling as I cross a stile out to Park Moor

again, too much water as a drain overflows and spills across the path and under a wall into the wood

Even in poor weather the Moor presents a beautiful sight which ever way you look

more fungi, pale brown with dark edges like nicely cooked bread

route: Down into bottom of Cluse Hey and West

Look across banks of Silver Birch at this time of year, notice the distinct purple shade of the new growth

Down into Cluse Hey. (Camera lens difficult to keep clear either steamed up of dripped on)

Not a good path to choose the bottom of Cluse Hey today. Paddling involved.

route: Cluse Hey toward Westparkgate, up onto heath and across to Pursefield Wood

Rhododendron buds ready to lead this year's growth

and seed pods from last year ready to spread this invasive species further

The conservation team at work burning cut Rhodi' 

route: Pursefield Wood the across Drinkwater Meadow to Main Car Park

A handsome grey Fallow Buck watching as I return to the car park

today: 10:30 - 15:30  6.7miles

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